ABBY-Dalin's Dancin With The Stars 7/3/2012 Black White and Tan

Ch. Clovercreek's Never Say Never x Dalin's Drumlin Drama Queen


I don't think I've ever been so proud to own any bitch as I am to own Abby.  I owe a great deal to Linda Donaldson and can't thank her enough for the opportunity to acquire Abby!  She has a look that draws you to her.  She has a laid back shoulder and length of neck to compliment a very pretty head.  Her tan points give her that erotic kind of look!  Abby stacks herself naturally and when she moves, watch out because she moves with impulsion from behind!  


Abby produced an incredibly nice litter for me in the winter of 2015-see them on my puppy page!  Plans are being made for her next breeding in 2016--keep an eye on our page...should be another phenominal litter!

Pedigree for Dalin's Dancin With the Stars
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AMBER- AJ's She's a Precious Gem 5/19/2009 Buff

CH. Harmony N Landmark's Simon Says x Ch. Shadowcast She's Irrestible


Plain and simple, Amber resides in my heart!  This petite girl is beautiful, but due to a botched tail dock, she was never shown!  

Pedigree for AJ's She's a Precious Gem
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Kelly-Ultras Anthracite 4/1/2013  Black & Tan

Aesku Ultras Icelandic x AJ's She's a Precious Gem


Kelly and her litter surprised us!  "Ace" had just returned home from the show ring and Amber was in the midst of a silent heat cycle!  Kelly and her litter was the result of that meeting!


Luckily, Amber's diagnosis came prior to ever breeding her only un-spayed daugher.  Due to the IOHC diagnosis of her mother, Kelly has been removed from our breeding program and is now a member of our "pet crew"!





HANNAH- AJ's Strip Tease 7/19/2009 B&W

AJ N Keisue's Frostymeryl x  Ch. PBJ's Boot Scootin Boogie


Hannah is an example of everything to do wrong when purchasing a dog.  She was purchased via the internet because I fell in love with her open markings and wanted a parti girl.  At the time I purchased Hannah, I wasn't thinking necessarily of showing Cockers and didn't give a second thought about looking at her pedigree.  I was told her "mother was a champion" which impressed me!   After I had fallen in love with Hannah, and requested her registration paperwork, I found that her sire was a merle. There are many opinions about breeding merle cocker spaniels and health issues related to the "color pattern"  I am a member of the American Spaniel Club, and the ASC position does not endorse reproduction of merle genetics.  Although Hannah does not exhibit the color pattern of merle, AND she is really a very nicely bred girl, I am not willing to take unnecessary risks where health is concerned,  Hannah is spayed and is the founding member of our "pet crew".

Our little champion!!!
Our little champion!!!

SPUNKY-PBJ's Boot Scootin' Boogie 6/13/2007  B&W

B-Mac N Lil People Ragin Cajun x Acadia's La Dolce Vita at PBJ's


We loved Hannah so much, that we decided that we would try to purchase her mother, Spunky.  IF Spunky could produce something as nice as Hannah, we knew that she had the right lines to give us quality puppies.  So, with the help of her co owner, I was able to purchase Spunky.  Spunky was first bred to Ch. CloverCreek Never Say Never.  Co-Breeder Connie Winne kept Black Swamp's True Grit from this litter and he is now a Grand Champion!  Way to go Spunky!  Spunky is now an active member of our "pet crew"!