Ultra Cocker Spaniels

I am an avid dog lover, and have had a place in my heart for Cocker Spaniels.  In the early 1990s, I finally was at a place in life that allowed me to purchase a black female that I selected when it was 3 weeks old.  "Lacey" quickly earned her place in the family.  The next year, I saw an ad in the paper for a 3 year old buff female.  When I went to see "Brandy" she was matted and covered in fleas.  For $50, I  took her home and to the vet the next day.  Underneath all of the fur, was a beautiful little girl that was extremely loving.  Both girls settled in and made themselves comfortable in what would be their "forever" homes.  Only forever turned out to be not nearly as long as the family would have liked.  Within the first year, Brandy was diagnosed with a cataract and glaucoma.  Within another year, Brandy was completely blind.  Lacey, at the age of 5 began having seizures, was put on anti-seizure medication.  Lacey continued to have symptoms, and blood tests revealed that she most likely had liver cancer.  Eventually, she crossed the "rainbow bridge" at the age of 7!


This experience helpled me understand the importance of responsible breeding and health testing.  The year after Lacey was  euthanized, I attended a dog show and attempted to purchase a black puppy bitch that looked remarkably like Lacey.  The breeder, handler would not sell the puppy to me unless a dog  handler was involved.  The breeder would not even return calls.  That event was a pivotal moment  for me that has given me clear direction today.


Years later, with encouragement from the late Tim O'Gorman, Morgan horse trainer and giant schnauzer breeder and owner, I  purchased two puppy bitches,   Of course, emotion trumped sense, and I  learned many lessons about purchasing puppies.  Neither puppy was appropriate for showing, but  of course, they are loved members of the family.  


The search continued for a cocker spaniel that was show quality with a pedigree that had healthy lines behind it for future breeding purposes.   Dalin's Southern Nights was soon identified and purchased, and was handled and finished by Kendall DeSanto.  She is now home enjoying life in the country!


As I became abit more confident, I selected and imported a puppy dog bred by Aeksu American Cocker Spaniels from Iceland.  Kendall DeSanto also handled and finished him.  He now resides with us at home.


Finally, I  was offered the opportunity to acquire a Dalins' Dancin with the Star's from Linda Donaldson.  She is absolutely beautiful and  will compliment my breeding plans in the future.  "Abby"  and I are currently working on agility which is helping to socialize her.  We have hopes to debut in the confirmation ring later this year.


Enjoy your vist at Ultra's American Cocker Spaniels.  Know that if you ever acquire a puppy from us, that our foremost concern is health, socialization and structure!  We hope to have an Ultra bred dog in the ring in the near future! 

We are willing to place puppies in pet homes, but please understand that all puppy placements will require references and spay agreements. 


Thanks for visiting Ultra Morgans & American Cocker Spaniels!           


Annette and Steve